Monarch Cakes has been baking from the same recipes for over 80 years. Many of the recipes originated from the original shop in Poland and were brought to Australia and have been used here ever since. In the past, a cake was made from fresh, raw ingredients such as butter, flour, eggs, and sugar. Today many have sacrificed that old fashioned flavour in order to bake more quickly and cheaply. At Monarch Cakes we would never dream of doing that!

We bake the same way our grandmothers did, using the ingredients in their most natural form. Our cakes are made with the highest grade butter and sugar and we never use substitutes or premixes. This is evident in the way the cakes taste.

Most of the recipes come from Eastern Europe: Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and a few more recent editions from the French.

Our Polish Cheesecake has been made the same way since the early 1920’s, and is recommended in a top Asian travel guide as one of the four best things to experience in Melbourne!

Monarch’s famous Chocolate Kooglhoupf might be unpronounceable to some, but it’s certainly loved by all who taste it. The counter tray of Chocolate Kooglhoupf has developed cult status as it is devoured daily by a following of trendy St Kilda locals.

We at Monarch hope you enjoy our website and would love for you to drop in for a cake and coffee. Remember you can always order cake online too!

+61 3 9534 2972

103 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

Monday: 9am–6:30pm | Tuesday: 9am–6:30pm | Wednesday: 9am–6:30pm | Thursday: 9am–6:30pm | Friday: 9am–6:30pm | Saturday: 9am–6:30pm | Sunday: 9am–6:30pm




+61 3 9534 2972



103 Acland St, St Kilda VIC 3182

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