Sunday 29 July 2018 at 5pm

“That Christ Church St Kilda should be closed as old buildings, especially churches, are antiquated.”   


Christ Church St Kilda needs considerable restoration work done on it, some of it (the roof especially) urgently. A group of people, called ‘Friends of Christ Church’, are trying to raise funds for this work and have run a number of events including ‘Christ Church Illuminated’ which coincided with Open House Melbourne in July last year.

Christ Church St Kilda is again part of the annual Open House Melbourne program and this debate on the future of the church will be at the conclusion of the Sunday OHM program.

The debate will be informative – an opportunity for people to say what they will about the future of the Christ Church building and even the Church as an institution – it will be fun with plenty of laughter with a very serious edge.

There is no charge for entry but we ask for your generosity when the church tithe bags come out and passed around the pews – so you can will it up with cold hard cash!

Christ Church St Kilda Parish

Street Address:                              Postal Address:  

14 Acland Street                              PO Box 1221,
St Kilda                                             St Kilda South
Melbourne VIC 3182                     Victoria 3182

Let’s raise the roof, or at least help raise the funds to repair the roof and sandstone cancer in some of the church walls.

Media Enquiries:

0410 958 825